You will Need a Developer to Migrate an Existing Store

Magento is a highly popular content management system (CMS) for e-commerce websites. If you are building a site with online store capabilities of any kind, this CMS comes highly recommended. It’s preferred over certain other types of CMSs because it’s designed with e-commerce websites in mind. So, if you are building a site using this particular CMS, here are several tups to follow:

Choose the Right Edition

Magento comes in two different editions: enterprise and community. You should choose the edition that’s best for you depending on your budget and requirements. The Enterprise edition is intended for e-commerce websites that receive high volumes of traffic, like those of large businesses. Enterprise is the recommended edition for websites that want to grow fast and scale. This edition contains advanced features that big online businesses might desire.

The Community edition is intended for smaller websites, as those of start-ups and small businesses. You can download this edition for free. It also provides open source solutions, so usually a single developer is enough for Community websites. It’s so-called because this edition comes with a lot of community support. If you are using Magento for the first time, you can get a lot of help when using this edition. It has all the basic functions, but may lack some advanced features necessary for growth and scaling.

You will Need a Developer to Migrate an Existing Store

Already have an e-store? You can move it to the Magento ecommerce platform conveniently. However, you will need a professional web developer to do this if you are not one yourself. You need Entity–attribute–value model (EAV) to migrate a store to Magento. That requires writing a script, which you need a developer for. This process is not as complicated as it seems. There are extensions available online just for this purpose that you can benefit from.

Magento Specialists are Either Back-End or Front-End, but Never Both

Here’s a little secret that some web developers don’t tell newbie clients: Magento developers either specialise in back-end functions or front-end functions. Never both. If you encounter a web developer who claims to specialise in both for this CMS, run the other way. They are probably trying to scam you. When you choose a specialist, be very careful and make sure to read customer reviews and such.

A Suitable Web Host is a Must

Magento comes with hefty database that requires a server that can handle a lot of resources. Therefore, when you build your site using this platform, a good hosting plan is a must. Choose a web host that offers services especially for sites running the CMS. You will get better support and features that way. If you expect higher traffic for your site, you will need a really good server plan, like cloud hosting, VPS, or a dedicated server. In addition, when using Magento, use SEO tactics recommended for the CMS’s websites. When you start building a website using this CMS, there will be a lot to learn. The platform is rich is resources that can do miracles for your site if you use them right. So, hire a good developer, and you will be able to build a strong and reliable site that customers love.


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Jul 17.

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