Will the CDO (Chef Data Officer) be a trending job in 2013 ?

Will it be a top critical hire for large organization ? Is it a job that would be depending on the CIO - or separated ?

Opened by Anonymous , Oct 27, 2012.

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Shane Granger Analyst
Oct 28, 2012

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Although some organisations with the data 'capacity of scale' have a CDO (organisations such as Citi, Yahoo and the recent job announcement for San Francisco) I don't believe that this will be a top critical hire for 2013.

The reasons why.

First of all, most organisations who deal with a lot of data already have this role in play, although it might be under another name or not sit in the C-Suite. One of the biggest global data companies has a Chief Business Officer, probably emphasising the Business over the Data side of the ledger.

The whole CDO role actually came about in good times, that is from the post tech bubble to the GFC and it lost steam post 2008, although there is a new discussion going on about the role currently. As both a Workforce Planner and an Economist (and quite bearish about 2013) this tells me something important, that is the role can be accomplished using other organisation development mechanisms and isn't reliant on C-Suite access.Other roles like the CHRO have similar recent histories.

The third reason is a technical one. For a role to be critical hire means it needs to something that the business doesn't have or doesnt do well. In most cases large data businesses have plenty of capacity in this space or as per my first point have people in place doing the job already. Even if the role is identified as operationally critical (that is to meet its business or organisational goals) there is no global shortage of very well qualified and highly experienced people who can meet the criteria of a CDO, either hired or trained up organically or recruited from outside the organisation (or country).

So no, in my view, the CDO will not be a top critical hire for 2013.
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