What is SRE (Strategic Relational Engagement)?

To wich extend an SRE strategy is a must for a global business nowadays? Does it cover more than a simple network entertainment that managers are actually doing? What is to be considered to build a suitable SRE approach?


Opened by Antoine Fournier, Head of ECM, Input and Output management, Zurich Insurance
Jan 2, 2013.

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Nadine Hack CEO, beCause Global Consulting
Jan 2, 2013

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I've been working for decades on how to improve and sustain stakeholder engagement and have developed the framework Strategic Relational Engagement (SRE).
If you're interested to know more about it, you can hear a five-min interview at http://www.radiofrontier.ch/shows/business-intelligence/business-intelligence/ or read some articles at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/nadine-b-hack/ or, if you're a real die-hard, watch as much as you'd like of a one-hour video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7wzyOVMXYdI .
I also have a much shorter article at http://www.forbes.com/sites/85broads/2011/05/03/how-deeply-engaging-stakeholders-changes-everything/.
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Antoine Fournier 67 Antoine Fournier Head of ECM, Input and Output management, Zurich Insurance

Jan 2, 2013
Thank you Nadine for this valuable material.
I post the video here so anyone interested can see it right away ..

The Beloved Community: Does it Work in Business?
Nadine Hack, Apr 5, 2011 at IMD.