What is the XL score?

Opened by Anonymous , Aug 26, 2011.

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Antoine Fournier Head of ECM, Input and Output management, Zurich Insurance
Aug 27, 2011

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At the moment the XperLink score is still Experimental and will undergo improvements over the coming weeks ….

Nevertheless, here’s our answer:

There are several scores for each expert:

The overall score (or XL score)
The overall score is the result of the evaluation of experts on XperLink carried out by the entire membership of XperLink, irrespective of the type of contribution or topic that is being written about.
It’s the number that appears next to their name on all their contributions.
The relevance, responsiveness and the activity of an expert are thus evaluated on a base of 100.
An expert must have an overall score of at least 40 but no score will never exceed 100.

The score by topic
The same calculation is made for each topic, so that the evaluation of experts on a precise topic will make them:
- « specialists » from 40 +
- « mentors » from 60 +
- « gurus » from 80 +
When an overall score of 40 or more is achieved, along with expert status, their score by topic is displayed in their profiles.
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