What is the most effective way to use XperLink?

Opened by Anonymous , Aug 26, 2012.

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Antoine Fournier Head of ECM, Input and Output management, Zurich Insurance
Aug 27, 2011

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To get the most out of your time on XperLink, follow the 4 golden rules:

1. Ask questions, open debates and submit your ideas
To get the most out of XperLink submit all your questions, ideas and debates in a clear and precise manner. There is a two part form for you to complete with details of your discussions: a brief title or question summary and a second part with plenty of space to express yourself. Make the most of them!
Feel free to give plenty of detail about the context of the question or debate that you’re opening or the idea that you wish to submit. Any detail which will help the experts to give you the right answer should be included.
Think carefully about how you set out your request. The clearer it is, the more experts are likely to reply.
Put XperLink on your list of thing to do before taking action. To surround yourself with the best experts whose sole aim is to help you when needed, is crucial in the quality of your decision.

2. Follow the topics that interest you
Each question, idea and debate published on XperLink appears linked to a certain number of topics (key words) which enable the identification of the different fields to which the contributions might apply. To take full advantage of this feature, follow those topics which are closest to your centres of interest.

3. Add experts to your favourites
If you find that some experts are particularly relevant to your centres of interest, add them to your favourites. You’ll find a dedicated tab on your home page so you can be sure of never missing anything they say.

4. Create filters
Filter the topics that you follow into groups, so that you can follow separately groups of topics that interest you.
Go to your home page and click on the last tab which is called ‘Filters’, then select “Manage my filters”.
When you have created your filters return to your home page and you will find them on the « Filters » tab so that you can follow all the topics that you’ve grouped together.
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