What is ISIS Papyrus software ? An object-oriented development plateform or an ACM application ?

Is it the tool to build apps or the app itself ? This software is presented as an ACM, BPM, CRM or document management plateform. How can it be all that in one ? I also heard Papyrus is an OO plateform that sounds like a application development plateform ... So what ?

Opened by Anonymous , Apr 17, 2012.

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Martin Goetze Senior Consultant, ISIS Papyrus Europe AG
May 3, 2012

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The ISIS Papyrus product suite contains many products, from standalone document capture solutions to server modules to convert AFP/PDF documents into various print data streams, as well as high-speed document document design- and formatting engines for transactional business documents and a distributed object-oriented database- and application-server, the Papyrus WebRepository. The WebRepository is the application development platform you are referring to, and by the same time it is the basis of a number of higher-level applications which ISIS offers with that (ACM, BPM, CRM, etc). How so ?

The speciality of the WebRepository is the fact that it is an application engine and the development platform at the same time, which offers rapid deployment and agile change-management without compiling. It features a complete OO scripting and query language for its distributed data- and class-base, and a user-interface designer for qt-based UIs for all platforms (desktop, mobile, browser). The various applications available, are all based on extensible customizable frameworks which are delivered at no extra charge, meaning the product to be acquired is always WebRepository and the applications like ACM, BPM, CRM are free and NOT HARDCODED. The platform is built on C++, while the applications are built on the higher abstraction level and thus comparable to open source frameworks.
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robert manning Apr 11

Is certification a guarantee that a specific software will be effective?


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