What are the disadvantages of using an SSO (Single Sign-On) authentication system ?

Opened by Anonymous , Apr 12, 2012.

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Antoine Fournier Head of ECM, Input and Output management, Zurich Insurance
Apr 12, 2012

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The first obvious answer is given in the question: If "Single" sign-on is used, a user does not need to sign-in each time it access a new application.
Then, anyone can use the first login and access any of the user's apps.

In general, it is clearly depending on the data behind this infrastructure :
When highly strategique information is stored, I recommend to implement a login double check before accessing it.

On a daily basis for standard apps to access normal data, SSO has some benefits for what regards user productability and efficiency.
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Andrew S. Baker 13 Andrew S. Baker Virtual CIO (Expert Technology Consulting Services), BrainWave Consulting Company, LLC

Jul 5, 2013

Here are some pros to single sign-on.

-- Users will not need to manage a whole lot of different passwords in order to access a large number of systems
-- It can be easier to add increased security around account authentication when fewer passwords are involved.
-- The time for provisioning, and more importantly, deprovisioning of resources can be reduced

The drawbacks are these:

-- If the central account database is breached, an attacker would have access to multiple systems at once (even if it's not clear what those systems are)
-- It is not always easier to see what the entitlements are between the various systems unless there is a central point for managing them as well.

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Ralph McFarland Apr 12

The real challenge and disadvantage here is to protect data. And confidential information of the user. But mostly, experts confirm that SSO is a must for enterprise companies. Vulnerability is the first and foremost issue when you consider private authentication and multi user computer options in custom writing. Hacking accounts may be a great pitfall, as then all the user accounts will be accessed, no matter which one of them was hacked.

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