Welchen finanziellen Hintergrund hat XperLink, um Experten-Input zu generieren?

Focus.com umfasst 850.000 Mitglieder und 5.000 Business Experts. Vermutlich auch eine ganze Menge an publiziertem 'Expertenwissen', das nun irgendwo im Nirwana des www rumschwirrt.
Wie stellt XperLink sicher, dass es keine Eintagsfliege sein wird und die Beteiligung der Experten nicht vergebliche Liebesmüh'?


Opened by Andreas Wiedow, Principal, arow-biz
Dec 5, 2012.

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Martin Goetze Senior Consultant, ISIS Papyrus Europe AG
Dec 6, 2012

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XperLink ist in seiner derzeitigen Form von mehreren europäischen, amerikanischen und asiatischen Investoren und stillen Teilhabern für einige Jahrzehnte finanziell abgesichert. Diverse Wachstumsszenarien sind analysiert und auf kurz-, mittel- und langfristige Einflüsse und Ereignisse hin simuliert worden, und es besteht kein Anlass zur Sorge das XperLink die Kräfte ausgehen.

Darüberhinaus liegt der Fokus auf Xperlink primär auf der Förderung von offener Kommunikation aller Teilnehmer und freiem Austausch von qualitativ hochwertigen Inhalten und Expertenmeinungen, mit weitestgehender Unabhängigkeit von geschäftlichen Interessen einzelner Benutzer. Xperlink ist zuerst ein Werkzeug zum Aufbau von themen-orientierten Konversationsräumen und dient ausdrücklich nicht ausschliesslich der Unterstützung von geschäftlichen Interessen einzelner, daher das Motto "Folge nicht irgendwem, folge den besten Ideen"...
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Antoine Fournier Head of ECM, Input and Output management, Zurich Insurance
Dec 7, 2012

Andreas, I understand your question, and, as Martin did, I want to insure you that the financial aspect is under control.
I beleive your fears are somewhere else, and money has nothing to do with it.

So, let me tell you a story.

In 1993, before the internet started to really change the way the world is communicating, I was thinking about connecting "the one who knows" to "the one who acts". I worked with brilliant IT friends on a Fax-based system to receive and forward questions and expertise requests to number of registered IT experts. We had a lot of fun, but the internet made our system obsolete before it was born.

I leaved the idea on the side and travelled the world (I worked in 20 different countries in 4 continents). Back in France in 1999, I met passionnate people having the same ideas than me. We created http://www.cyberpro.fr in december 1999. CyberPro was a french market-place for entrepreneurs, helping them finding focused and cheap support from accounters and lawyers, overnight.

CyberPro helped hundred of startups in early stage, most of them were successfull. We were first to propose full backend support on the web for small businesses this way. The original idea of Q&A, from a "on-the-side" service, became CyberPro's main activity and brand, while incomes were still comming for the market-place. CyberPro was small and stayed small - being big was not a target, but reliable and relevant.

Willing to switch to modern social media tool, I created XperLink with amazing european fellows I've been lucky enough to met (Martin is one of them). Most of CyberPro's experts are following us and we are actually migrating their thoughfull advises that are still accurate and able to contribute to the reader empowerment.

So, will XperLink be supporting expert contents and contributions in 5 years? I let you answer: this is what we are doing since 1993! We were in this activity 10 years before Focus and will still be there 10 years after Focus went offline (or more?).
Please read our About page, in EN or GE, you'll not find there usual marketing tone, but the profession of faith we did. It is short and you do not need to read between lines.

Did you know about financial situation of Focus? I can tell you it was fine.
Focus has apparently been acquired by a media company some month ago, and it was not because of bankruptcy. This media company decided to shutdown the website, without notice to the experts who posted there since years (I was one of them).
In the same time, experts who posted on CyberPro since 2001 have been proposed to take over advises on XperLink. They had the opportunity to review and change obsolete answers, and we redirected the web traffic for migrated content.

I hope I answered your justified fears about the credibility of the platform where you are going to place your content and expertise.

XperLink is NOT Focus. XperLink is very much more.
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