Universities reject conference papers

What you need to remember is that the theme you choose must be accepted by the audience. Make sure that there is literary work for your reference. It is not recommended to refer to textbooks, periodicals or journals. Academic-based literature adds value to your project. Indian universities prefer the IEEE/Science Direct/ACM publication as an effective reference basis. The Anna University Affiliated College accepts IEEE as a reference. Sometimes universities reject conference papers as a reference when it comes to M. E student.Students are expected to come into contact with practical work rather than just staying in literary works. Therefore, the university expects that the work of the thesis is to strengthen the reference work, not just the theoretical improvisation of the basic thesis. For technologies like MatLab/NS2/VLSI/embedded C/Java/J2EE/Dot Net, companies that choose to train and help with document work should be selected. Read more


Opened by Jimmy Marshall, Essay Writing, Essay Monday
Jun 28, 2018.

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