Top-tech EU entrepreneurs present manifesto for start-up success!

Europe’s tech entrepreneurs and startup presented EU leaders with their manifesto on how Europe should deal with digital age. It makes 21 recommendations that I listed below.

What do you think? Would you promote it? Give your opinion ...

  1. Make teachers digitally confident and competent to rise to the challenge.
  2. Teach our children the principles, processes and the passion for entrepreneurship from a young age.
  3. Encourage university students to start a business before they graduate.
  4. Prepare graduates for a radically different marketplace.
  5. Turn Europe into the easiest place for highly-skilled talent to start a company and get a job by rolling out a pan-European Startup Visa.
  6. Make it easy for companies to hire outside their home countries.
  7. Make it easier for companies to let employees go.
  8. Bring the best brains back home.
  9. Increase private and institutional investment in startups.
  10. Make it easier for high-growth companies to raise capital through public markets.
  11. Buy more from smaller businesses.
  12. Institute an E-Corp: a new type of cross-European corporation.
  13. Tax share options as capital gains, not income.
  14. Revise and normalise data protection laws.
  15. Remove the requirement for data providers to store information in any given country.
  16. Make government data public.
  17. Make governments think digitally.
  18. Initiate a mentality shift across Europe in terms of how we define success.
  19. Appoint a Chief Digital Officer for every country in the EU.
  20. Create a ‘best practices’ repository.
  21. Establish a Digital European Forum.

Support the manifesto at : http://startupmanifesto.eu

TopTech EU Entrepreneurs

Line 1: Zaryn Dentzel (Tuenti), Daniel Ek (Spotify), Martin Lorentzon (Spotify), Lars Hinrichs (HackFwd),
Line 2: Joanna Shields (Tech City UK), Reshma Sohoni (Seedcamp), Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten (The Next Web), Niklas Zennström (Atomico)
No photo: Kaj Hed (Rovio Entertainment)

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Opened by Antoine Fournier, Head of ECM, Input and Output management, Zurich Insurance
Oct 27, 2013.

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Jesse Domingo Leadership Adviser, Strategist
Oct 28, 2013

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More often than not, recommendations are good - it's just a question of "did we miss something?"

Like, business involves dealing with people, whether online or in-person; so, it would be good to add something like "Teach and reinforce proper etiquette in a multicultural environment with emphasis on respect, tolerance, and nondiscrimination."

If recommendations are basically about money, entrepreneurship, education, information, laws and alike then we are just shoring up a "dog-eat-dog" kind of world. If businesses truly envision to address needs, and not simply to earn, then businesses should be fair and genuinely care.

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Antoine Fournier 67 Antoine Fournier Head of ECM, Input and Output management, Zurich Insurance

Oct 28, 2013

@Jesse, I agree but ..

I would not like top-tech successful entrepreneur to tell me how I should educate my children. If I apreciated they tell us we should train them earlier about digital world so they are ready for what is coming, I would let tolerance, respect and non-discrimination out of the "business" field, even if these are usefull qualities when creating a business (there are lot of usefull human qualities when doing so).

I'm actually fine with this list and think they were politically careful enough to get their voice heard at EU leaders side.

Everything is politics...

Jesse Domingo 24 Jesse Domingo Leadership Adviser, Strategist

Oct 31, 2013

@Antoine Well, true, everything is politics... notice the "drag"? The economy?




Tammy Durden President, Tammy's Office Solutions
Nov 12, 2013

Perhaps I missed it, or just did not understand fully, but what about security on our digital data? The data that will have ALL of our information in it soon. From governments, to doctors, to other businesses, etc... What do you think about the security of the digital age now and what is to come?

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Antoine Fournier 67 Antoine Fournier Head of ECM, Input and Output management, Zurich Insurance

Nov 12, 2013

You're totally correct Tammy, this aspect is also very important.
Nevertheless, the point of those entrepreneurs was to list what is necessary to be done at first to improve start-ups success in EU.

Globally, data security was and remains an issue that is to be adressed.