Social Support: Extend the Expert Community Beyond Your Company's Frontiers

Social SupportSocial Media Care, also known as Social Care revolves around the concept of using social media platforms as a venue for customer service. Social media has become a popular vehicle for customer support requests; at least 16 percent of customer support requests are obtained through various social media platforms. This trend is expected to continue to grow rapidly. Unfortunately, while typical social media outlets offer a tremendous benefit for providing customer service, the platforms are tainted with irrelevant data, and misinformation.

Having the ability to take advantage of the benefits that real time, collective conversations through social media offers without the massive quantities of useless information would be ideal. Allowing customers access to reliable information and expert knowledge is virtually impossible on today’s public platforms, but implementing an independent platform that users could connect to would make the task of disseminating accurate information and support much easier.

Positive Interaction Increases Customer Satisfaction

Companies have been using traditional platforms to deliver customer support with a great degree of success. Direct communication via social media often offers consumers a way to be heard without having to wait. Problems can be addressed immediately. However, customer voices can be drowned out by the multitude of voices using these mediums. Worse yet, customers can run across inaccurate information posted on these mediums and decide against making contact. Having a private social media hub designed specifically as a B2B enterprise solution can allow companies to enjoy the benefits of providing social support without incurring the risks inherent to public platforms.

Reduce Customer Care Costs Substantially

Traditional customer support options involve a substantial financial investment. However, it’s easy to decrease these costs with a managed solution designed to expedite addressing customer solutions through a social media platform. Social media is an effective method to disseminate information to customers without having to rely on a team of staff answering phones, mail, faxes, and other communications. There is less chance for communications to be lost in the hustle and bustle of daily business activities. Social care is an inexpensive method to provide customer support, having an independent platform to deliver interactions enables an inexpensive method of customer care to be more efficient and effective. The potential for savings is increased exponentially.

Manage and Increase Knowledge Transfers to Customers

Word of mouth is always the best type of advertising. An enterprise social media hub is one of the most effective ways that a business can take advantage of this form of endorsement. The possibility to extend the expert community beyond company frontiers is probably the best branding opportunity a company can have to make current customers brand evangelists that generate solid leads. Being able to control who disseminates this information is priceless. Additionally, integrated social media input capabilities will also assist in driving better responsiveness and accuracy toward sales prospects.

According to the CMO Council, 54 percent of consumers claim that at least ¼ of the value they feel from their consumer experiences with a company is from their overall experience with the company (Source: Lithium). At least half of consumers are more likely to recommend a company through social media platforms after having a good experience. Additionally, 47 percent of customers say they will spend more with companies after having positive experiences. Delivering a positive support experience allows companies to have a greater chance of obtaining and maintaining satisfied consumers, poised to become brand evangelists and repeat customers. Social care is vital to business success and having access to a dedicated social media hub can help companies increase their chances of providing exception experiences to customers.


Opened by Antoine Fournier, Head of ECM, Input and Output management, Zurich Insurance
Mar 24, 2013.

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