Social Media: Customer Support's Best Friend

Customer Support

Does your customer support department need a boost? Whether you are looking to enhance the customer service aspect of your business, or you are simply curious about social media's role in customer support, social media is certainly an outlet to utilize when seeking the gold standard in customer satisfaction. In fact, studies show that businesses who interact with customers through social media see a considerable improvement in customer loyalty.

In regard to customer support, social media is beneficial in that it offers a platform to meet your customer on familiar grounds. Important to realize, social media has integrated itself into the everyday life of the average consumer. With this being the case, they have grown accustom to using social media and are comfortable with it. This outlet allows you meet customers on their turf, instead of making them come to you. When conducting customer support, using a means that is both convenient for and familiar to your customer is only going to benefit your business.

As an added benefit, social media can be a helpful tool in meeting customer expectations. To explain, you can keep track of what people are saying about your products or services, which can prove useful in the future. You can use consumer comments, their likes and dislikes, in the development of future products and strategies. In the same way, you can monitor and respond to any issues that may arise in a timely manner. In a society accustomed to instant gratification, responding to consumers as quickly as possible, which is easy to accomplish through social media, will help ensure a happy customer.

With social media, unless you communicate through private messaging, any communication is public. This can benefit your business when used properly. Publicly interacting with customers presents the opportunity to show others how you conduct business. Though you are addressing one person, dozens of others can see the exchange and see that you answer questions promptly and offer valuable support.

Certainly, social media has grown from a place to keep up with friends to an avenue for businesses to communicate with their customers in a new and personal way. To be sure, it can transform the way you conduct your customer support and put you on the radar of potential customers. Not only can you increase your customer loyalty through social media, you can use the information from consumer feedback and comments to better your business and customer service in the future.


Opened by Antoine Fournier, Head of ECM, Input and Output management, Zurich Insurance
Jun 30, 2013.

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Nadine Hack CEO, beCause Global Consulting
Jul 1, 2013

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I believe this will continue to be the wave of the future for engaged customer relationships. Those who understand it will have an advantage. Those who don't should be learning it.

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Antoine Fournier 67 Antoine Fournier Head of ECM, Input and Output management, Zurich Insurance

Jul 1, 2013

Yes! Even if taking care of customer wherever they are is not a new idea ...
I loved this cartoon from "Domino theory" :)

Nadine Hack 12 Nadine Hack CEO, beCause Global Consulting

Jul 1, 2013

LOL, Antoine, it IS a great cartoon!

Andrew S. Baker 13 Andrew S. Baker Virtual CIO (Expert Technology Consulting Services), BrainWave Consulting Company, LLC

Jul 5, 2013

LOL That is funny...