How do I ask a question on XperLink?

Opened by Anonymous , Aug 26, 2011.

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Antoine Fournier Head of ECM, Input and Output management, Zurich Insurance
Aug 27, 2011

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XperLink makes responses from the best experts in Europe and throughout the world, available to professionals, scientists, students and entrepreneurs by giving them direct access to the answers to their questions.

To ask a question, open a debate or submit an idea:

1. Once you have registered your membership on the XperLink website, you have three options to begin your interaction with the XperLink experts.
You can:
- ask a question,
- open a debate,
- submit an idea.
With all three options you will find a form to complete where you can specify the matter which interests you.

2. The first field has space for 100 characters to outline your question or to fill in the title of your discussion.

3. The second field enables you to ask your question with more precision, to set out your idea or the direction of the debate that you want to start. Don’t hesitate to give as much detail as possible, but be aware that any details about your private life will be visible to all.

4. You can post your question anonymously, if you don’t want it to be directly associated with you. However, such questions are less likely to receive an answer because most people like to know who’s asking a question before taking the time to answer.

5. IMPORTANT: You must also select the TOPICS that your question, idea or debate relates to. This is the only way that the experts will be made aware of your question!

6. Post! Your text will appear in your personal information feed on your home page.

The experts who deal with your chosen topics will be notified of your text in their personal information feed. They can then choose whether or not to reply. It is also important to write the outline of your question or title of your contribution as precisely as possible, in order to attract the desired answer or opinion.

Every time a response is posted, you will receive an email notification containing a link to the page where your question was posted, showing you all the responses given, plus any comments it may have provoked.

You can vote for each of the responses that you deem to be relevant and so increase the score for that response. Any member who may be interested in your question and the answers given can also vote. The most relevant responses will appear at the top.
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John Mori Feb 10

You just asked a question and I think you are on your way to asking some questions here! Like I asked a question about my Sniper game and some people answered it.

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