Is personal computing secure enough nowadays?

Regarding hacking, pishing, viruses, etc., will you say that I'm secured enough while doing private operations on the internet (banking, webmails, shoping)? What is hacker's main source of income today?

Opened by Anonymous , Oct 11, 2012.

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Andrew S. Baker Virtual CIO (Expert Technology Consulting Services), BrainWave Consulting Company, LLC
Oct 15, 2012

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While personal computing can be made sufficiently secure, that is dependent upon a number of factors not covered in your question.

If you are not taking reasonable security-focused measures in your internet-based activities, you are assured of having your machine compromised in some way. If you take the reasonable measures such as having good host-based security, and managing passwords correctly, and using secure connections to conduct important business, etc, that you lower your risk of compromise.

The malware ecosystem is rather vast, and people are making money from a variety of mechanisms including SPAM, skimming credit cards, identity theft, compromising machines for use in botnets, stealing passwords for access to financial institutions, ransomware, etc. It's not just one thing, and so your defense cannot be based upon just one thing.

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