Is QB Desktop Enterprise solution right for your company?

Running your growing business is challenging and gets complex as it grows rapidly every day. Your team, requirements, customers, products, transactions, sales, finances, and data grow concurrently with your business. As these aspects grow, solving problems related to all these aspects pile up rapidly and becomes a demanding task. As we live in an era where we look up to technology to help us simplify complicated tasks, the need for every growing business is a complete business management solution.

Intuit has a wide range of products that help businesses. Intuit’s QuickBooks (QB) Desktop Enterprise is a software solution that helps you manage your accounting and business requirements efficiently and easily. It is a solution that helps growing companies in integrating accounting and tasks intertwined with accounting such as payroll, inventory, and payments. So, growing small and mid-sized businesses would find Quickbooks enterprise hosting a cost-justifiable solution when compared to investing in an ERP solution.

Is QB Desktop Enterprise solution right for your company?

This question lingers around when you decide about considering QB Desktop Enterprise. So, let’s look at some reasons that show why it could be the appropriate solution for you.

· Robust end-to-end business management solution

QB Desktop Enterprise is a powerful and complete business management solution that helps you run your business end-to-end. You can handle payroll, payments, sending invoices, and setting up purchase orders. It helps you in inventory management by tracking inventory and analyzing when to reorder components. It is empowered to manage all critical workflows in your business management activities at a single location.

· Scalable solution for growing businesses

QB Desktop Enterprise is a powerful solution in the QuickBooks product categories that scale up as your business grows. It supports up to 30 individual users. You can manage and set user permissions for these users. Multiple users can work at the same time. You can set up user roles by choosing from the predefined roles or set up new ones. You can also set up individual permissions that restrict or allow employees from accessing a given piece of information. The capacity to record and track huge amounts of data helps you as your business grows. Quickbooks hosting services can handle one million records (inventory items, vendor names, customer details, and so on.)

· Customized solutions with personalized support

QB Desktop Enterprise offers customized solutions that are designed to fit your industry. There are specialized editions dedicated to manufacturing sectors, retail industries, and nonprofit organizations. It is flexible and adapts itself based on your requirements.

In addition to this customization, QB Desktop Enterprise provides personalized support without any extra cost. In the Priority Circle Loyalty program, you are associated with a Customer Success Manager who analyzes your business needs and provides you guidance and support.

· Hosted cloud solution

QB Desktop Enterprise with Hosting provides you cloud solutions wherein your data is secure on the cloud. Your team can access information from anywhere, anytime, by using any device.

· Advanced and exclusive functionalities

QB Desktop Enterprise provides exclusive functionalities like inventory management, pricing, and exclusive report generation tools. Following are some exclusive functionalities:

o Advanced Inventory helps you track inventory.

o Advanced Pricing helps in controlling, customizing, and automating changes in pricing.

o Advanced Reporting helps in generating reports that help in visualizing untapped business insights.

All these reasons make it evident that QB Desktop Enterprise is power-packed to help your business as it grows and progresses.


Opened by Matthew Smith, Executive, Verito Technologies LLC
Oct 6.

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