If you can't share information within your own community, what's the point of running a KM program?

Mark Solomon, Senior Knowledge Manager at FSG, said on AIIM: "If Knowledge is Power, Knowledge Management is a Shared Arrangement" speaking from an IT point of view; however, I believe this is true in many other fields

Suitable knowledge management, technology-wise as well as business-wise, cannot be implemented without a strong and open information-sharing strategy. According to Mark, "Knowledge is containable to an object," that is, "accountable to the people" managing it. Thus, if these people in the company live in a "distant galaxy" from others, the knowledge cannot be shared, because the object it is part of is kept from being shared.

What if the object containing the knowledge is a human being?

I'd like to refer to a Steve Jobs interview (in 1990?), introducing collaborative tools, in which he stated that if geographical or hierarchical organization of a company cannot be changed at the pace at which the business environment is changing, electronic organization can be. Work groups can be created in minutes, for business purposes, across the organization, no matter where each member is, geographically or in the hierarchy.

Nowadays, companies are still built on a model that does not allow knowledge to be shared: new barriers have been built into electronic organizations as they remain in the real world.

As a result, to paraphrase Mark Solomon, it is more urgent than ever for companies to enable information-sharing within the company prior to running a real Knowledge Management program, and to implement knowledge-based corporate social media.

Even today, a lot of workers in large organizations are trained to retain information instead of freely speaking to members of other teams. Electronic barriers are mostly set up for that purpose and do not allow access to information that will enable conversations.

Conversation is the best knowledge-sharing tool for fostering innovation (ref: Innovators Are Conversation Architects).

Enabling information sharing is key in order for a company to innovate.

Read Mark Solomon's post here.


Opened by Antoine Fournier, Head of ECM, Input and Output management, Zurich Insurance
Aug 27, 2013.

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