How to Buy a Used Engine for Your Jeep?

If you have stopped by this article, that means you are anxiously looking for a used engine for your robust vehicle, the jeep, isn’t? Without questioning about your jeep (model, maker and all), we are presenting a set of factors that would help you locate the best engine that your ailing jeep exactly needs.

Inspect the engine you are getting

When you are about to buy a used engine, you should listen to the noises coming from the block before finalizing the deal. The noises could tell you whether you are buying an engine to add few years to your car or just a metallic junk. Small ticks are probably not a matter of concern, but the large knocking noises certainly are.

And if the used engine turns over but doesn’t run, beware as there may be hiding low compression or internal knocks. So, you should go for engines that are tested for performance like the ones SW Engines offers.

SW Engines – a premiere Tulsa-based used engine supplier offers cleaned and tested engines for jeeps at affordable price.

Don’t overlook the texture of oil

Check the oil if it is honey-colored or black and worn giving foul smell. If the oil looks foamy and whitish, it flags leakage of coolant from a bad head gasket.

Perform some tests on your own

Try removing the spark plugs to figure out if there is slick with oil or there is white residue. If there are such evidences that means the block has an oil control problem. It also signals of worn rings, valve train issues or a bad head gasket.

Along with this, you should perform a compression test to figure out the exact condition of the engine. And to do this test you have to get a compression gauge that would be available at any hardware shop.

If you have got any low cylinders, put some oil through the plugholes to check if the compression reading elevates or not. If it doesn’t, it indicates towards a leaky valve or blown head gasket causing the leak.

Go for a low-mileage engine

When it comes to used engines, a unit with low mileage is the best choice. This is because a low-mileage engine is considered to have less wear and tear as compared to the one with high-mileage.

Check for warranty

It is recommended to go for a used engine available with a warranty. This would satiate your several concerns related to the engine.

Till now, you have got an idea about the things to consider while buying a used engine. But it is also very important for you to choose a good supplier. Only a supplier known for offering products and services of impeccable quality can help you break a good deal.

Here we have listed down certain factors that must not be overlooked when it comes to a used engine supplier in the United States. There you go!


Inventory is the first factor you should consider. The supplier having an extensive inventory would help you get the engine your ailing jeep needs. No matter the jeep of what model and make you have, such a trusted supplier would be in a position to satiate your requirement.

Suppliers like SW Engines have the most comprehensive rotating inventory in the United States, enabling it to deliver used engines of all types, including External combustion (E.C.) Engine and Internal Combustion (I.C.) Engine. The company can also provide two stroke engines, four stroke engines, piston engines, rotary engines, diesel and gasoline engines for vehicles of all kinds, from SUVs, Jeeps to heavy-duty trucks.

Distribution channel

No matter which state of the U.S you reside in, your supplier should be capable enough to reach out to you. To understand this better take an example, if you found an appropriate used engine with a supplier who is incapable to ship the same to your state, your efforts would go in vain.

So go for a reliable name with a widely spread distribution channel. And in this matter, nobody can beat SW Engines. The company has a strong network that enables it to ship products across 50 states of the United States for free except Alaska and Hawaii for where shipping cost is charged.

ASE certified mechanics

It goes without saying that a team is the backbone of any company. Without the support of team, it is difficult for any company to satisfy its clients and deliver quality services and products. When it comes to a used engine supplier, look for ASE certified mechanics that can help you find out the best possible solution for your vehicle.

SW Engines has a team of ASE certified engines who understands requirements of every client and ensures to satiate them to the fullest. They help a used engine seeker to find out the most appropriate engine for their vehicle using the given VIN number and other details.

Customer-centric policy

Go for a supplier being trusted by customers. As far as customer satisfaction is concerned, SW Engines scores well. It offers free shipping to a 3-year warranty on parts and labor on most engines, to satisfy every car owner looking for a used engine. That’s the reason why the company has achieved 99.4% customer satisfaction rate.

Some of the SW Engines Reviews are provided below for the benefit of interested readers:

"Swengines.com surpassed my expectations with the quality of the engine. They were up front regarding how long it would take and the cost wasn't necessarily the cheapest but I can firmly say I would not have done it any other way if I had to do it over again." - Paul J., Illinois

"Thanks for the Toyota Engine invoice number 209063. Any time I need an engine or transmission I will not go anywhere but your company. Thanks." - Ayman

For more reviews, you can visit swengines.com.

If you want to order a used engine for your jeep or any other vehicle, contact SWEngines for complete details.


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