How can I enter the Ivy League school?

Everyone wants to enter an Ivy League school, but unfortunately, Ivy League schools have the smallest percentage of applicants. If you haven't had a chance to read our recent article on Ivy League, check it out. In order to enter the Ivy League school, your resume needs to be a first-rate dynamic combination, a large number of extracurricular activities and work experience. Instead of asking you how to get into the Ivy League, try to ask, "How can I get into a school that suits me best?" If you don't go to an Ivy League school, but you enter a school that seems to suit you well, you won't Missed educational opportunities in this less well-known school. On the contrary, you can make yourself more valuable to understand your interests and goals, rather than worry about being consistent with others. It is very likely that you will be happier in the long run. Find out more


Opened by Leanne Loach, Writer, Essay Capital
Jun 18, 2018.

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