How could XperLink improve multilingual user experience ?

XperLink has been started in europe and designed around a very central ideal: to ultimately support the expert conversation space of this multicultural environment by enabling conversation and expert exchange in local languages and cultures, giving people of different countries a completely localizable interface and platform, while at the same time maintaining a connecting layer providing a bridge for multilingual colloquy.

The user interface localisation, automatic language detection for posts and topics and the possibility to engage in discussion in your own language are only the first steps XperLink takes to provide the (foremost european) social media conversation space with a unique tool and platform to exchange expert opinion, advise and factual knowledge.
Let us know what your experiences, expectations, needs and wishes are in this specific area of multilingual social media conversation!


Opened by Martin Goetze, Senior Consultant, ISIS Papyrus Europe AG
Dec 5, 2012.

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Luke Spear Traducteur anglais
Dec 5, 2012

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How to improve the multilingual experience?
I suppose it boils down to content. Being able to find it (via your local search engine), respond to it (low barriers to entry), having an incentive to answer it (the points system is good): all in your own language. Is this the end goal?

The ideal, if so, would be for users to be able to access and respond to the most popular questions/answers natively. This would be tough, logistically, to orchestrate a team of professional linguists, but is quite viable if the budget is in place.
If the average thread length is 100-200 words, you'd likely pay 10-20 EUR for each one. This would presumably come under the marketing spend. You'd have to ensure you didn't violate the main search engine's duplicate content rules, also, but it would at least allow users of a variety of languages to get involved in the key threads.
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XperLink 03 XperLink
Dec 7, 2012
Great idea, Luke. We'll add it to the wish list.
Would you consider a free translation if it holds the mention "Translated from french by Luke Spear, on date, hour", with a link to your XL page?

Luke Spear 06 Luke Spear Traducteur anglais

Dec 12, 2012
I don't usually work for free unless for charity, Antoine, but payment with a backlink is interesting, depending on how long the translation is. Also it would probably have to be a link to my own site to be useful!
Do you have a localisation/translation 'back-end' in place? I'd be happy to review any existing translations or look at setting up a system with you or your devs.

XperLink 03 XperLink
Dec 12, 2012
Referencing translator website is an option :)
english french Translated from French by Luke Spear, Owner, lukespear.co.uk,
5 hours and 11 minutes ago