How do I become an expert on XperLink?

Opened by Anonymous , Aug 26, 2011.

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Antoine Fournier Head of ECM, Input and Output management, Zurich Insurance
Aug 27, 2011

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The experts on XperLink are specialists who have been recognized by their fellow professionals and their peers. They are keen to share their knowledge and techniques. They take care to answer questions posed with precision and to enlighten the reader.

So to become an expert on XperLink you just need to be yourself. You can answer the questions which relate to your area of expertise and onto which you’d like to shed some light, you can join in discussions … and allow XperLink members to vote on your answers.
Don’t wait until a question has already received responses, those who reply first are more likely to be recognized by XperLink and its members.

To do that, follow the topics which interest you, check through the XperLink suggestions as often as possible, which will indicate topics linked to those that you are already following. It’s important to expand your topic coverage on XperLink so that you don’t miss any contributions to which you could (or should?) respond.

Above all, write, share your expertise and don’t be afraid of criticism or expert debate. Feel free to use XperLink to share questions asked by your contacts elsewhere and be the first to post your answers.

XperLink will evaluate:
- Your activity (the frequency of all your contributions)
- Your responsiveness (are you the first to respond?)
- Your relevance (members, both expert and non-expert judge the relevance of your responses)

Please note
The overall score that you obtain will give you expert status when it exceeds 40. From then on, your score for each topic will be shown and will make it clear which areas of expertise you cover.
It is unlikely that your score will go down, only negative feedback or deletion of answer by you will affect it adversely. If you are absent from XperLink for any period of time, however long, it will not affect your score. XperLink does not consider that an opinion, which is valued by its members, has a sell-by date; you are an expert and you will remain an expert, even when you’re on holiday.
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