Good example of BAD customer relationship management : #LINKEDIN !

LinkedinLike probably some of you, I've been mailed by LINKEDIN with a FREE promotion offer.

They offer 1 month of premium for free :

"As a special gift, we'd like to give you a free month of LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Here are the additional benefits you'll enjoy:

  • Unlock the full list and see all 36 people who have viewed your profile in the last 30 days
  • Contact people outside your network with 25 InMails per month—response guaranteed
  • Find the right people in ½ the time with up to 8 additional search filters and 7X more results
  • View details on 35X more profiles with access to full profiles of everyone in your network"

Nice offer! Let's jump on it!

Following the link, I'm driven right on the page where I can upgrade my account. I clicked on "Upgrade" button (the free offer is already selected).

Mistake number 1: The next screen drive me to the payment information form!

Why do I need to enter my credit card number, while I have to nothing to pay and asked for nothing? (BTW : Default expiration date in in the past :)

It just looks to me like : "I make you a free offer for xyz, but what I need is your credit card info. Next month, you'll miss the mail informing you that you need to downgrade your account, so, you'll be a new full premium member."
Done !

Feeling upset, I went back to the mail I receive in order to complain.

Mistake number 2: The mail was set with "reply-to=DoNotReply@linkedin.com".

I cannot say it better : If you have a minimum of consideration and respect for your customer DO NOT USE A "DoNotReply" email address. Do not give your customer an UNMONITORED email address!

As a result, Linkedin wanted to make me an offer because I was a "loyal LinkedIn member", they finally get an unhappy member!

Yesterday, I was on the phone with some business partner and we were talking about Linkedin. I said "Linkedin is a very nice platform with lot of possibilities. They are doing great : good CRM, great interface, etc.. Nothing to do with facebook. Apart from XperLink, this is the only professional platform that is worse to work with".

With a single mail, 2 basic customer relationship mistakes : they are about to loose an advocate.

I forwarded my complain mail to <linkedin@e.linkedin.com>.

I'll let you know what will be the follow-up actions they will take on this issue.


Opened by Antoine Fournier, Head of ECM, Input and Output management, Zurich Insurance
Oct 23, 2013.

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Patrice Van de Walle Oct 23, 2013

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Antoine, The same thing happened to me...and I missed the cut off date a month later and discovered the monthly payments three months later on my credit card (it was over the summer and I didn't pay attention). Really pissed me off! I will be very intyerested ot find out what their response is.


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Antoine Fournier 67 Antoine Fournier Head of ECM, Input and Output management, Zurich Insurance

Oct 23, 2013

I tweeted it to customer service @LinkedInHelp - I assume there will be internal discussions (if I'm heard). In your case you should ask for pay back.




Ouassila Beni Business Development Manager, ISIS Papyrus
Oct 23, 2013

I am sorry to inform you that most of Professional Network unfortunately do that (Viadeo ....)
Enjoy free network ! ;)


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Jesse Domingo Leadership Adviser, Strategist
Oct 26, 2013

I did have some not so good experiences with sites as well, and just like you I brought it up ... even on one of my blogs. Like traffic, sometimes the internet just gets messed up.

Eventually, things were straightened. I'm sure your complaints would be heard as well.

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Dusko Bralo Ceo, Altius Pro
Nov 10, 2013

Hi Antoine,

I met the same. Waiting for their answers.

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