Four benefits of using Social Media for customer support

Social Media MarketingYou may have heard of setting up Facebook, Twitter and blogs for your business, but what about accounts specifically for customer support? As it turns out, there are many benefits to doing the bulk of customer support via social media that will save you time and money. Customer support through social media also benefits your customers, making them more likely to use your services.

  1. Marketing and exposure
    Where do your customers spend most of their internet time? More often than not, your customers are on a social media site. Why not try and reach them exactly where they are? By having your customer support available on Facebook or Twitter, you will not only make yourself more accessible to questions and concerns, you will also increase your business's exposure.

  2. Keep your customers happy
    No one likes being on hold, and there's no reason to make this the only way for customers to reach you. Customers are more likely to use your business if they're happy with your service. You can easily make your customer support easier and more comfortable to use by engaging social media. Additionally, many people are more comfortable coming online to ask a question. It's simply much easier for them.

  3. Less work for your business
    When customers ask questions online, everyone can see the following conversation. If one customer had a question, it's likely many others did. The good news is, the customers don't need to repeat the question, and you don't need to repeat the answer. Social media allows your business to solve customer problems on a mass scale. Rather than dealing with hundreds of individual phone calls, a few conversations over social media will answer the more basic questions. This is easier for your customers. It's also less work for you.

  4. Boosting sales
    When customers are subscribed to your customer service feed, it's easier to alert them to special offers and deals. Customers might not go out of their way to see if you have a good deal right now, but if they like your business, they won't mind seeing a good deal or offer show up during their normal browsing. This allows you to sell more to your dedicated customer base. If you've previously impressed your customers, they'll likely be pleased to be notified of deals.

It's a good idea to have a customer support account separate from normal business account. This makes it easier to organize the goals of each account. It also makes it more straightforward for the customer. If you have an account specifically for customer service, the customer knows exactly where to go to answer their question.


Opened by Antoine Fournier, Customer Communication Architect, Zurich Insurance
May 4, 2013.

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