Blogging is great for developing your Writing ...

Shakespear in blogIf you want to be a writer and don't have a blog, start one (or create your XperLink account to open debates or submit ideas).

Blogging is free and it is something that will help to develop your writing skills.

Actually, blogging accomplishes several very important tasks for writers:

  1. Whether you gain an audience or not, you will feel accountable to update your blog. That will push you to write often. You should blog weekly.
  2. Needing fresh content for your blog will stretch your mind. You will think of new angles and approaches to tackling subjects so that you don't just repeat yourself.
  3. Knowing that outsiders may see your blog, you will be more careful about sentence structure and grammar.
  4. You will feel a sense of validation and personal reward by getting the art of your writing out into public view.
  5. If you gain followers that make comments, you can enter into some great two-way conversations.
  6. Blogging can help get you noticed as a writer. You might even be contacted by a buyer who'd like to buy one of your blog posts for re-publishing.
  7. Your blog can become your personal portfolio of writing style examples.
  8. Blogging keeps everything nicely typed and organized in an archive. It is virtual and should stay safe for a long time.
  9. Blogging becomes a type of diary. It's fun to go back and see your development over time.

So if you're starting out as a writer or are a writer who wants to develop their skills, try blogging on one of the free online formats. Even better: open debates on XperLink and surely create meaningful connexions.

Doing so will help you become an great writer and you never know where that may lead.


Opened by Antoine Fournier, Head of ECM, Input and Output management, Zurich Insurance
Apr 5, 2013.

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Jesse Domingo Leadership Adviser, Strategist
Oct 10, 2013

Yes, blogging develops your writing, your thinking - it's actually expected.

Yet many do not realize that thinking is a prelude to speaking, thus, if you are good in writing which is about thinking then you must be good in speaking, more so, putting it into action. Okay, action requires character, character strength; then again, with your thought process in full steam, it's a matter of having that "character" to make a good Leader.

After all, there is "leadership" in great writing.

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