According to lean startup methodology, when shall I start speaking about my idea?

Lean Startup methodology says this is almost the first thing to do - right? But I think I shall already have a product to show.What about people looking for ideas to take over? How can I protect my idea?


Opened by Antoine Fournier, Head of ECM, Input and Output management, Zurich Insurance
Sep 29, 2012.

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Joe Dager Owner, Business901
Sep 29, 2012

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Paraphrasing Eric Ries, if you worry about the idea getting copied that easily, you wonder how good the idea is. However, I understand your concerns and think about it often marketing for other people. I am very sensitive to the advice I give, which is...
  1. Everyone has ideas. Many of us have great ideas. Few of us can implement ideas. Worry about be one of the few.
  2. Once your start talking your idea, your idea will evolve. It is the speed of adaption that is important not the validation of the idea.
  3. If you want a prototype make sure it is not to finished. People like to play with crude things. If it looks complete and finished few will comment. Seek Feedback not agreement.
  4. People will copy - guaranteed. However, make sure you are talking to the right audience. Collaboration, co-innovation is a vertical component. Talk to customers and their customers. Not other people like you - horizontal.
  5. Protect you idea- beat them in the marketplace. iterate, adapt, and become one in the same with your customer. The best protection you can have is playing in your customer's playground more than anyone else.
  6. Take a chance - go for it and build a crowd.

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