6 Reasons why Every Expert should use Q&A Networks like XperLink.com

XperLink Q&AIt is highly important for professionals to build a brand for themselves. The Internet has become the main source of lead generation for many industries. It is cost effective and it works. Many professionals depend on word of mouth advertising to gain quality leads. In order to build their brand they need to establish an online reputation or eReputation.

The best way is to actively participate in Question and Answer (Q&A) networks like XperLink. Online forums are the oldest methods of online social media. For information seekers, Q&A networks are a way to get honest feedback. For professionals, they are a method of building a solid online eReputation.

1. Build an eReputation

The more useful content a person posts on various forums, the more their business and their name gets out on the web. Eventually, a person will find others referencing them in discussions, pointing to their website for more information, or explaining how that individual helped them succeed due to a post they read. The key to building an eReputation is networking, offering sound advice, and being honest. If a person does not push their product or service, they are looked upon as a reputable person in their industry. Q&A Networks like XperLink focus on quality answers from reputable experts. The direct links to their online resources increases traffic for them as well as enhance their eReputation.

2. Build a Strong Professional Network

Answering questions on Q&A forums is a way to build a strong professional network. Generally, the people actively answering questions and offering useful content are industry leaders. These are people to collaborate with because one never knows when they will need another opinion, a referral, or become a part of joint ventures. The professional network you build via XperLink’s platform enhances your business by offering inspiring ideas from leading experts in the industry.

3. Establish Expertise

Q&A networks are a method to establish expertise in an area. These days it is hard to fool someone into thinking that they are an expert. People can weed out a sales tactic or someone who Google's other information to present in a forum discussion. Giving advice that helps another person or business is a way to establish trust and loyalty. XperLink offers a unique crowd rating system that helps experts get feedback from the audience and provides visible signs of their proven expertise.

4. Build Credibility

Participating in Q&A network forums helps build credibility online. People will start to see a person’s posts across various forums, blogs, and websites and other’s positive feedback towards that individual. Having consistency across multiple channels establishes a person as a reputable individual. Many forums will post who their most active contributors are. The XperLink platform automatically promotes the most respected and credible members of its board.

5. Generate Leads effectively

Contributing valuable content to a discussion makes people want to discover what else a person has to offer. Once participants on XperLink see that a professional is offering quality advice and not spamming the platform, they will reach out to them for further answers. This is a quality lead generation technique because the audience is coming to the professional and not the other way around. They will click the links included in the signature line to find out more about an individual. They will also have access to their professional XperLink profile.

6. Excellent Link Building Opportunity

Most professional networking forums do not allow posts with links included in the discussion, unless it links to relevant and necessary content to a discussion. However, most do allow contact and website information in the signature line. The more a person posts, the more that signature line is attributing back to their business website and other social media profiles. This helps increase the ranks with search engines. Those that actively contribute on XperLink platform will have a greater chance of showing up on the first page of high-ranking search engines. This is due to their quality answers and comments being fed to the search engines, linking their profile directly back to their professional website.

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Opened by Antoine Fournier, Head of ECM, Input and Output management, Zurich Insurance
Aug 21, 2013.

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