Steven Duque

CEO/Founder, Momba
Newbury, USA
italian french english german

Personal Site: http://stevenduque.com

I've focused my professional efforts thus far on developing expertise and leadership experience in marketing, sales and evangelism (some might call me a "growth hacker") for high-growth start-ups and venture-backed companies, in addition to business development and strategy for creative agencies. More recently, a good portion of my work on Momba has been operations-heavy, requiring deep dives into logistics, product mix data analysis, and physical labor.

Throughout my experiences, I've found that achieving complex goals – especially as a member of a lean start-up or innovation team – has required drawing on a wide variety skills across many disciplines. Thankfully, I'm passionate about learning and take joy in discovering solutions, regardless of where they're found.

My experiences – both professionally and personally – have afforded me the empathy, hunger and drive to take on unexpected challenges as they come along, listen closely to the perspectives of teammates and clients, and approach my work with humility and desire to do what's right.

I also have technical skills in:
- Inbound marketing strategy, execution & optimization
- Google Analytics & Adwords
- Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign
- Camtasia & iMovie
- Various blogging & content management systems
- Various social media platforms & their advertising programs
- MailChimp & other email platforms
- Basic HTML, CSS & PHP
- Microsoft Powerpoint, Excel & Word
- GarageBand & Logic

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Blog : stevenduque.com