Mohamed Dekkak

Founder and Chairman, Adgeco Group of Companies
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
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Chairman and Founder of Adgeco Group of Companies Technology is at its best when it brings people together.

Meet Mohamed Dekkak, a respectful business leader, thoughtful philanthropist and one of the most respected icon in the whole of UAE. The Moroccan investment guru earns abundant through hard work and esteemed achievements in energy and the gas industry.

As a prominent business professional, entrepreneur and having spent most of his time overseas, Mohamed has risen to nationwide fame through his high academic and business qualifications. He is the founder and chairman of Adgeco Group of Companies, an international diversified holding company located in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. He founded Adgeco at a very exciting age in 1992 and today, the business consultancy firm is one of the top UAE based most effective, with unswerving double-digit returns.

Mohamed enrolled in the European University in 1983 to study Business Administration and Management; where he gained firsthand knowledge, extending from theory to planning and implementation. He was awarded the Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) in 1987 and around 1991, he completed three MBA’s in International Business, Entrepreneurship and International Marketing from the same university. He is actively known for his collaboration with researchers in several other disciplines of engineering, particularly in the petroleum and chemical track.

Leveraging on his passion for building resourceful startup companies and experience as a successful business owner, he has been able to establish a paramount business chain with countless global companies; from the oil and gas through the engineering, energy and construction industry. Likewise, a gifted negotiator with his client’s best interest at heart and retains the ability in writing and communicating fluently in English, Arabic, and French.

Mohamed kicked off his practice officially in January 1989 as the President of MULITRADE HOUSE S.A (Trading House), in Switzerland. A business that was built on local and foreign exchange. Being an importing and exporting company that produces and sells goods and services, he consistently showed his expertise not only to satisfy their customer base but in providing authentic institutional and individual feedback to clients. For this reason, he gained quality trust around co-workers and clients to even handle more multimillion-dollar deals.

In his role as the Member Associate Advisor Chamber of Commerce and Industry Casablanca starting from September 2013, Mohamed fostered an atmosphere of teamwork that safeguarded the business interests of all its stakeholders. The chamber of commerce, on the order hand, is a local organization responsible for conveying the Moroccan’s business owners with a common goal to share their business experiences and make a positive impact with the aid of the government, local media, civil society and organizing trade events to boost their countries economy.
For over eleven years, he has been the number one finest Abu Dhabi’s real estate broker and served as a President to the Gate One Properties LLC; an internationally recognized company built on the foundation of Real estate development and property management, investments, finance in the UAE and overseas. Mohamed consecutively managed all operations to institute efficiency, value, strategies, and profitable management of resources.
Having worked on endless projects, Mohmed is an accredited professional and Licensed to carry out any contract related to Civil construction, Buildings, Power, and Gas industry. Some projects he saw through includes:

-GCAA-New Area Navigation Services Site 2006
-Civil Construction Works and Installation of Ship Lift System 2008
-Khor Fakkan Port Expansion, Sharjah Ports Authority 2008
-Sir Bani Yas Island Conference and Water Sports Center 2010
-Gangway Tower at Berth 3 and 4, Fujairah Port 2011
-Construction of Marine Quay Wall for Coastal Guard Group 2012
-Civil Works for Expansion of Oil Terminal 2 (OT2) of Port Fujairah 2012
-Replacement of Plant Stainless Steel Headers for GAS Train - Abu Dhabi Gas Industries GASCO 2012
-Abu Dhabi Mugharag Port Rehabilitation 2013
-Port of Fujairah Oil Terminal 2 2014 and even more.

Mohamed Dekkak is a strategist with the flair for getting the most out of business relations. Alternatively, he ensures that his community benefits on investments, education, social development and cultural exchange through collaborations. As founder and member Council for Arab Relations with Latin America and The Caribbean (CARLAC) in 2015, he united with the Latin America and the Caribbean; a non-governmental and non-partisan organization that its goal is not only to strengthen business relations between all parties but to aid the growth of their economies.

Early February 2015, He joined the Arab Business Club, an international business platform that selectively sends club invitations to only business gurus in the higher level of global ventures in the Arab business community. This community agenda involves the development of business relations through culture, and social interactive websites to address the geographical constraints of doing business across the globe.

Under his profound leadership for the past 26 years, Mohamed is a strong force and a weighty investor in quite a lot of industries and mostly on charitable organization in the UAE and Morocco.

Mohamed has passion aimed at humanity. He has fervently invested in many private initiatives that aids youths, startups, women, and children. Presently honored in many occasions, he received a Gold Star Award from the Institute for Professional Excellence (IPE), a Medal from King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, the Korean (BRIGADE DE REPRESSION DU BANDITISME Award from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 2006), French Police Star Gold Award 2005 and many more.

As a sports fanatic, he enjoys driving with his favorite car collection; a 1994-1995 Rolls Royce Flying Spur and spends some time abroad on big happenings such as Formula 1 Grand Prix, golf tournaments horse racing. A man of style when attending social and charitable events in the UAE and has great eye for arts and paintings. Mohamed has visited several countries in different parts of the world for business, charity, and for vacations.

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