Janice Gauthier

Founder / Corporate, Real Estate & Startup Attorney, The Gauthier Law Group, LLC
Greater Milwaukee Area, United States

Founder / Corporate, Real Estate and Startup Attorney - The Gauthier Law Group, LLC

Founder and corporate, real estate and startup attorney at The Gauthier Law Group, LLC, a boutique business law firm that represents both U.S. and international clients in business and real estate transactions throughout Wisconsin and Illinois, including the Greater Milwaukee, Madison and Chicago Areas.


The Gauthier Law Group is a transactional law practice (i.e. a law firm that represents clients in business matters, not law suits) focused on the following areas:

(1) Corporate/ business law, including the representation of local, regional and international startup, emerging and established businesses;

(2) Commercial debt and equity finance, including secured and unsecured loans, bond financing, angel investment, venture capital and private equity;

(3) Commercial real estate (including development, redevelopment, leases, purchases and sales);

(4) Health care law, particularly the representation of health care practitioners and practices (including physicians, dentists and optometrists); and

(5) Non-profit law, including the representation of non-profits in the health care, social service and education sectors.

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