Douglas Therrell Charlotte

Entrepreneur, Consultant, Therrell Enterprises, Inc.
Charlotte, NC, United States

Douglas Therrell Charlotte has a burgeoning portfolio. He's experienced in higher education, insurance, real estate and more. Therrell is a valuable resource.

Douglas Therrell grew up in North Carolina and had a great upbringing surrounded by his close family. He has since gone on to achieve some remarkable accomplishments all the while ensuring that he stuck to his roots in making time for his loved ones.

Throughout his schooling career, Douglas remained in the North Carolina area as his parents wanted him to have a stable upbringing. This proved dividends as Douglas quickly became a well liked figure with everyone in the community with his musical prowess and outgoing personality.

When it was time for Douglas to head to university, he knew he would need to move interstate to get the education he desired. He had the option to go to any number of universities as a result of his grades, yet he remained on the East Coast attending Florida State University. Whenever there was a break during university, Douglas was on the first flight back to North Carolina to see his loved ones. Knowing they had always supported him, he made sure to acknowledge them constantly.

When it came time to get a job, Douglas immediately looked for positions back in North Carolina. Lucky enough he managed to find a position at Mars Hill College.

Further on in his professional career when Douglas began launching a number of companies, he could have launched them in bigger cities with greater ease. However Douglas knew North Carolina was the only place he would be truly happy and through determination, confidence and willingness has gone onto successfully launch all his businesses from his home state.

It is important to remain close to the place you call home in this massive world. Having a place to fall back on if you ever get in trouble is never truly appreciated until you need it most. Douglas Therrell has never needed to fall back on North Carolina, however has always held it close to heart, when outside of state, he ensured he would visit as often as possible after all there is no place like home.

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