Tammy Durden

President, Tammy's Office Solutions
Mechanicsville, United States

President & Managing Partner of Tammy's Office Solutions: Premium Virtual Services with a purpose.

I, personally, have years of experience providing professionals & businesses with office solutions. In 2001, when I became disabled, due to MS, I soon realized how difficult it is to obtain a position as a disabled professional. So, I began working for various businesses, who wanted me to supply office services for them virtually (or from home). In 2008, after contracting with an insurance agent, I began Tammy's Appointments, which went on to eventually become what we call it today: Tammy's Office Solutions (TOS). TOS has a passion to assist and empower differently abled professionals. This is why many of our services are provided by those very persons. The unemployment rate for disabled persons compared to the general population is grossly unfair and we would like to be a part of the solution. So we are trying to provide more differently abled professionals with employment opportunities!
At TOS, we specialize in tailoring our services to the needs of the professionals & businesses who use our services. Many virtual service companies will only operate within strict guidelines, having no flexibility. At Tammy's Office Solutions we have the ability to not only be personal, but to also customize services to meet our client's needs. Some of our specialty services include: Virtual Assistants, Answering Srvcs, Social Media & Blog posts, Client/Customer Care, Lead Generation & so much more!
For the last couple years, Tammy's Office Solutions has partnered with the Dept. of Rehabilitation as well as, Dept. of Blind and Visually Impaired to help provide positions to other disabled professionals. Now every new client means a new job for a disabled person! One of the things I really love about my work is that I help others to see their potential in themselves & their businesses, whether client or co-worker.
I am a self starter, honest, highly ethical, goal oriented, professional who likes to assists other professionals & businesses to succeed.

I also love to write, as well as, speak to organizations regarding my business, helping others, and spiritual growth.

Additional skills: Speaking, Writing, Editing, and Compiling, as well as self-publishing. I have written 2 books, with my partner, Cindy Neff, in Journey Publishing. We self-published 2 books and spoke to many groups (specializing in speak to woman's organizations, christian groups & health organizations).

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