Philippe Decrock

Directeur studiedienst, Federauto
Evere, België
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Legal department director FEDERAUTO vzw/asbl

Director legal department (since 2004) management trade associations and non-profit

Former secretary-general of national and EU-trade associations (Sigma asbl/vzw, Prologistics vzw/asbl, ECED aisbl)

Secretary general of FEDERAUTO ELECTRIC MOBILITY GROUP - The goal is to make a strong appeal to establish a working platform with the respective Belgian authorities to discuss challenges and opportunities and to work out a projection about where Belgium wants to be with its Electric Mobility in 2020. This platform, christened FEDERAUTO Electric Mobility, is daily put in the spotlight. I work also closely together with the European interest group AVERE (the European Association for Battery, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles) and his Belgian section ASBE.

Consultancy as jurist-lawyer for companies (members) - Corporate generalist attorney with substantial in-house legal experience. High premium on providing preemptive legal support in Dutch & French . Focus on commercial law, contract drafting and union negotiation, competition law and VAT-legislation.

Consultancy in corporate sustainability and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) in automotive distribution and mobility issues. Different corporate responsibilities are classified as: Economic (being productive and profitable), Legal (complying with regulations and laws), Ethical (acting in accord with social norms and expectations, as well as the body of law) and Social (voluntarily contributing to solving social issues)

Lobbywork-spokesman press and liaison for Authorities EU,Federal and Regions(public affairs)

Editor monthly info bulletin, VAT-guide - Trade fairs

KBO-BCE--ondernemingsloket ZENITO (office-responsable)

Instructor for different courses (VAT, trade law, environment legislation, social legislation, substainable mobility)

Visiting professor KATHO "batchelor automotive management"

Social committee member of garages and metaalhandel

Pension fund SEFOCAM (administrator)

CARPASS ( administrator)

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Blog : www.bloggen.be/elektrischrijden

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