Mustafa Darwish

Foreign News Editor, Abu Dhabi Media Company
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Foreign news editor in Abu Dhabi Media Company

- General manager of Outstanding PR firm (1997-2000).
- Editor in the Egyptian Gazette newspaper (2001-2004), during this period I wrote a weekly IT corner titled “Netology”, editor of the weekly pages “She”, “ME & Africa” and the daily page “World News”. Also, reported to the newspaper from several international exhibition held in Egypt.
- Translator of the famous International Herald Tribune weekly series for Video Cairo station (2003-2004).
- Editor in Al-Gumhorya newspaper' foreign desk (2004).
- Interpreter of the three-days-workshop “NGO Journalism”, which was organized by Al-Ahram Regional Press Institute with the Center for International Media Education (2004).
- Participated in the translation of "Arab American File" prepared by American Embassy’s Information Service Department in Egypt.
- Translated into English a selected part from “Egyptian Businessmen Encyclopedia”.

Book Revisions:
Reviewed the translation of “The Politics of News: The News of Politics”, by Doris Graber, Denis McQuail and Pippa Norris for the American Embassy’ Book Program in Egypt.
“Washington” by Meg Greenfield for the American Embassy’ Book Program in Egypt.
“Civil Society: The American Model And The Third World Development”, by Howard J. Wiarda.
“Hold The Pres: The Inside Story On Newspapers”, by John Maxwell Hamilton and George A. Krimsky.

Some of Outstanding’ achievements:
- Organized the major USA "Freedom Forum" Middle East Forum in Al-Ahram Regional Institute, which was attended by more than 250 journalists form Egypt and the Arab countries.
- Organized and ran the media campaign for “Comdex“ the international IT exhibition in Egypt.
- Organized the press conference of the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce in Egypt.
- The media consultant of the Egyptian Center for Economic Studies and the responsible for its media activities. (1997-2000)
- Published all the prominent news about the Mexican Industries Exhibition in Egypt.

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