Massimo Moretti

Director, Patrick Distribution One Ltd
Antwerp, Belgique
italian english

- Business Strategy - Competitive Advantage and Profitability , Strategic position in the market , Merger and Acquisition tactics , Managing supply chain strategically ,Strategical and tactical international pricing.
- Standardization or Adaption
- Extensive skills in the definition and monitoring of strategic as well as operational KPI's.
- Extensive experience in the development and implementation of the company's strategic business plan , resulting in operational success while at the same time maintaining quality , driving revenue and maximizing profitability.
- Extensive experience in the Management of complex business start-ups as well as established companies at international levels. (China, UK, Germany , Italy, Russia )
- Extensive experience in: strategic forward-planning operating within the tight financial disciplines imposed by accurate budgets, which I help to prepare, with the use of the most advanced software.
- Extensive skills in establishing financial requirements of enterprises before, during and after any business plan and the ability to negotiate with the financial community and/or external investors.
- Extensive skills in supervising the implementation of E.R.P systems in multi locations.
- Extensive skills in establishing Competitive Advantages to create value and capture it.
- Expert in Digital Marketing - Marketing 3.0
- Extensive skills in analyzing Web Metrics from the Digital Marketing perspective

Specialties: International Business Strategies
International Financial requirements for international projects
International Taxation at PE level or Subsidiary
International deployment of POP (Points of Presence)
International deployment of e-commerce projects
The 3 models of Internationalization: Ethnocentrism , Polycentrism , Geocentrism
International License Management
Creation and Management of global sales network
Market analysis , short and long sustainability