Brian Shannon


[Web & Mobile] Product leader / Senior IT Professional

I am a friendly and focused team & business leader, with a high level strategic and technical aptitude. Highly flexible, with a relaxed communication style and ability to work in fast paced environments.

I work with/in start-up and established companies collaborating on product ideas and business goals. Building clear and succinct plans then working with each level of the organization to execute the mission. When needed I also build technical teams by identifying some of the best people in the market and by coaching others.
I also like to work on increasing morale and productivity by internally evangelizing the technologies we use and the business/product vision.

I received my M.Sc in "Networks and Distributed Systems" from Trinity College, specializing in high performance real-time networking. Wanting to better my commercial abilities, I also received a post-graduate diploma in new Business development.

*I have decided to take some me time and travel around Europe but if you have a interesting project/role, I'd be happy to chat.