Beatriz Recio Salcines

CEO & Founder Grupo Mujerespacio/ Founder Womantalent, Grupo Mujerespacio
Madrid, España
italian french spanish english german

CEO & Founder at Grupo Mujerespacio | Communication, Marketing & New Technologies Expert | Women Leadership | @beatriz_recio

CONTACT: beatriz.recio.linkedin@gmail.com
TWITTER: @beatriz_recio
CAREER MISSION STAMENT: Leading 2.0 and 3.0 IT projects, getting the sites and products of Group Mujerespacio to the top and promoting women from all points of view: Fashion & Beauty, Health, Personal or Professional life and of course Business and Leadership

Founder & CEO at GRUPO MUJERESPACIO an space on the Internet which includes several female oriented websites and products:

- www.mujerespacio.com (Magazine)
- www.blogadictas.com (Bloggers)
- www.appsdemujer.com (Technology)
- www.tuitteras.com (Twitter)
- www.mujerenred.com (Community)
- www.womantalent.com (Networking and Personal Branding net for women)


ABOUT WOMANTALENT GROUP AND BUSINESS WOMEN LEADERSHIP: Headhunters come to WT and BWL to search for leaders at this initiative which connects female talent, real networking and personal branding.

Founder and managing director of two leader websites, estilisimo.com (today Orange Mujer), number one in the market at the time she worked on, and mujerhoy.com (Vocento), leader at the female magazines spanish market between 2007 and 2011, with 3 million unique users /month and a strong and increasing community.

12 years working as a Journalist and over 10 years on the Internet and New Technologies sector from management positions, expert in product launching, continuously creating and developing new products and services.

Multidisciplinary professional living for years abroad (Germany, Czech Republic and China), multilingual worker (six languages speaker: English, French, German, Italian, Czech and Chinese) used to work at international brands with multicultural teams.

Internet early adopter, excellent technical knowledge, bussiness and entrepreneurship orientation, creative leader, tireless innovation searcher, 2.0 social strategist.

Specialties: Journalism, Communication, Marketing and New Technologies

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Blog : www.beatrizrecio.com