Aliza Sherman

web pioneer, Mediaegg LLC

Web Pioneer, Digital Strategist, Trailblazer, Tech Evengelist, Speaker, Author

Aliza Sherman helped pave the way for women online and in the Internet industry. She is a web and social mobile pioneer whose work helped shape the early new media industry. She is an international keynote speaker, author of 10 books, and a digital strategist since 1992.

In addition to starting the first woman-owned Internet company in the early 90s, Cybergrrl, Inc., she has been writing, speaking and consulting about social media since 2006 and social mobile integrated marketing since 2010. She is also well known for her expertise on women’s technology and business issues.

Her latest books are Social Media Engagement for Dummies, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Crowdsourcing and Mom, Incorporated.

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Blog : alizashermanblogs.com