Ahmed Hussein

Cross Cultural Trainer Middle East & North Africa, Marketing Communications Consultant (Arabic Langu, Arabia Interculture
Köln, Deutschland
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Cross Cultural Trainer Middle East & North Africa, Marketing Communications Consultant (Arabic Language)

I work since 2004 as intercultural trainer and provide consultancy services for enterprises doing business in the Arab World (Middle East and North Africa). As a native Arabic speaker (born in Egypt) I have my personal and professional experties over than 16 years with the business culture in the Arabic speaking region. I live in Germany and work for international companies and lead their personal skills and development trainings in different Arab speaking countries.

I work, lead and design advisory and training services in three languages: Arabic, German and English.

My goal is to help expatriates develop the skills that are necessary to operate professionally, successfully and more efficiently in their target country in the Arab World. Another goal is to support Arab native speaking expatriates relocating to Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands or Austria how to deal, learn or work more efficiently in new different environment and cultures and how to be aware of cultural differences and the unconscious roles of stereotypes and prejudice.

- Training of multicultural teams to develop cross-cultural awareness and to provide them with skills needed in cross-cultural interactions.
- Consultant for Corporate advertising in Arabic speaking countries (planning, producing, and organizing corporate publications in cooperation with marketing agencies) with focus on cross-cultural aspects.
- On-the-job trainings, mediations and workshops related to following countries: Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates (Dubai and Abu Dhabi), Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain and Sultanat of Oman.
- Trainings, Product Presentation in different Arab countries on behalf of international companies.
- Virtual Project Management: devolping effective communication structures between multinational, multilingual/Arab native teams.

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