Fiona Campbell

Leadership Trainer, Fiona Campbell Consultancy

Helping business leaders through transformational learning to improve their interpersonal and communication skills

Thank you for viewing my profile. As a member of the Linkedin community I am happy to offer you complementary advice and help with growing your business.
Great business leaders plan their success on the outside - by the actions they take and the inside - by the way they think.
My training gives people the knowledge and tools to develop own 'real stuff' to create their business road maps, detailed strategies, AND the mindset to grow their business.

Some of the results achieved recently from our training are:
* All members of a sales team on or ahead of target for the first time in four years.
* 20% to 40% performance increase
* Retention of key personnel
* Promotion to management team
* People who were not comfortable to lead now building their own teams

Sectors I am currently working with include SME, Recruitment, Manufacturing, Construction and the NHS
I have over 25 years management and sales experience with blue chip companies including Xerox Emirates and Yell.
I believe the LinkedIn community is a wonderful place for sharing knowledge, information and learning from others and I look forward to linking with you.
I enjoy keeping myself fit and active with yoga, combat and working out. My favourite way of switching off is watching cricket. I am also a keen vegetable gardener and enjoy trips traveling in Asia.

• NLP Business training
• Leadership Development Coaching
• Enhancing Business Communication