Mike Ryan


Writing content to secure purchase orders,not awards.

It used to be so simple. If you wanted to sell Enterprise Information Technology you structured a document that listed features and benefits. If the product could meet the expectations and was affordable, then a sale was made. Then it got complicated with ROI and TCO playing a critical role in the selection process. Today's "C-Level" decision makers demand a rock-solid business case that will stand up to the most rigorous technical and fiscal scrutiny.

Will this solution deliver the outcomes competitive business demands?

Increase productivity?
Improve operating efficiency?
Reduce costs?
Mitigate risks?

That's why you need to work with Brass Razoo Group on your next content creation project. We produce persuasive and compelling content for the Information Technology marketplace. We collaborate closely with your team to compose the most appropriate messaging that will resonate with your customers and assist your technology practice to increase revenues and profitability.

Our task is to ensure that your messaging leaves a lasting impression and adds prestige to your brand! Our focus is Enterprise Information Technology.

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