We closely worked with...

Amaury is CEO at 56k and Adenum in Brussels, Belgium. Amaury's team created and maintain in close and friendly collaboration. 56k is still today our main technological service provider.
Christos Melidis is QART Manager at EORTC in Brussels, Belgium. Chrsitos actively participated in Greek translation of the XperLink website.
Léonard Ghézi is a business consultant for insurance and business building. Léonard has been giving valuable advices to XperLink co-founders.
Riccardo Rosalli is the founder of ICADO S.r.l. a company offering a wide range of IT services and solutions. Riccardo actively participated in Italian translation of the XperLink website.

Special thanks to...

Roz Bennetts is an active, career B2B sales professional with 15+ years experience focusing on Account Development in the IT Network Solutions and Services marketplace.
Andrew S.Baker is a hands-on architect of advanced technology solutions that help SMB organizations increase corporate agility, mitigate business risk, reduce operating costs, and facilitate business growth.
Jesse Domingo is a Leadership Adviser and Strategist